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A Thought

Thought: The trouble many are having with experiencing the fullness of the Kingdom of God and the benefit of being in Christ is rooted in the fact that we have not fully surrendered to the life HE has won for us. We tend to be like Israel taking their first few steps of freedom…continually longing for the life that was because we are not sure of the life that is to come. Not to mention we have an internal war that wages within our very own souls. We are spirit and we live in a body (flesh). Need I say more… Talk about kingdoms in conflict. (Romans 7) We drag in principles that we survived with before we met Christ and wonder why they no longer work in our relationship with Him and one another. We must “take His yoke on fully, & learn of Him”. The benefit of an easy yoke is only experienced as we surrender and yield. Otherwise we are most miserable. Make a commitment today…to surrender and yield a bit more going into the Fall Season. Lastly, don’t “try” the principles of God. COMMIT to them… Commit without the feelings being there yet…. Commit if no one else does… Commit to being consistent and make no provision for failure! I am believing with and for you… More importantly JESUS ever lives to make intercession on your behalf. HE WON’T EVER LEAVE OR FORSAKE YOU…

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