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Dealing with Trauma

In 2020 we all had to deal with some heavy stuff. It shook us. It STOPPED US! It awakened us!

Racial Unrest
Political Turmoil

Death – Sickness – Prejudice – Bigotry

Food Insecurity
Financial Insecurity
Social Insecurity

Lost Jobs – Lost Wages – Isolation

Dealing with all of these things at one time has left, many of us, in a traumatic state. We are feeling despair and depression, fatigue and hopelessness, and no matter how hard we try to stay positive the world around us and the actions of others affect our lives, our normalcy, and our futures.

During this time of fasting and praying. Acknowledge your hurt and your pain. Don’t sweep it under the rug. Call it what it is and share it with Jesus! Tell him how you are really feeling.

Truth: He already knows and He is waiting for you to talk to him about it. He knows your anger, he knows your fears, he knows your pain, but he can’t take away what you won’t give him. He can’t heal if you don’t ask.

God is a gentle God. He will not force anything on you including healing. That is a journey the two of you make together, and in that togetherness you form a close bond that is unbreakable.

Begin with honesty… you have gone through a lot! You may be feeling ways that are hard to accept and verbalize, but please admit it to HIM! And let Him help you!!

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