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NewLifeLA Under-Construction

During this time of Fasting and Praying NewLifeLA is also going through an upgrade… to the building? No… to the inside! We want to develop a ministry that can reach the people inside and outside of the building, providing resources for the community, and one that leads people to God.

We want to EMPOWER you and support YOU in the vision that God has called YOU to accomplish.

In order to do that we need to revamp, reorganize, and put systems in place that support LEADERS… and you are ALL leaders! “Go out and make disciples,” was our Lord and Savior’s great commission. NewLifeLA is that place to help you do that!

Unfortunately, religion has created little “kingdoms” of churches and denominations all over the world. We have a “king” or a leader that we look up to and follow right down to the lifestyle. It has caused people to fight each other for power and focus on getting close to the “king” and “queen” instead of pursuing the King of Kings!

God gave Pastor Todd a vision and instructions when he was made head pastor. He was told to make leaders. “Be a support to my people,” God said. “Teach them how to be disciples… tell them to help connect people to ME!!”

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